Mercado El Paso

The premier Mexican/Hispanic/Americas shopping center in Hendersonville, Asheville and Western North Carolina. A full range of goods can be found including a bakery, restaurant, smoothie bar and carniceria.


I checked out the Azteca Supermarket and Events Facility! It not only has groceries but a Bakery, Restaurant, Smoothie Bar, Carniceria plus an event facility! I had a delicious chicken burrito for lunch!


Hendersonville finally has a great Hispanic Grocery and Taqueria! Great selection of foods and meats that you can’t find elsewhere. You can tell the owner knows what he is doing.

also love the hidden taqueria in the back!

they need to play some mexican music!

Al H.

I love the Teleras of there, Tasty Tacos with Tortillas you throw hand, very good prices in the butchery, and great prices on vegetables.

Las Teleras me encantan de hay,Sabrosos los Tacos con Tortillas echas a mano, muy buenos precios en la Carnicería, y magníficos precios en las Verduras.